Solutions for the printing and paper industry

Printing and paper industry

The printing industry is characterized by genuine cut-throat competition. Constantly growing demands for flexibility, speed and (not least) quality are characteristic of this trade. Thus, all kinds of print jobs, small and large, demand a high degree of flexibility. The permanent pressure of costs leads to demands for ever shorter machine set-up times. At the same time, quality requirements are growing. Reliable monitoring solutions are essential in order to meet these requirements. Only in this way can disturbances and irregularities be detected and rectified.


Residual current monitor, Type B RN 5883

• According to IEC/EN 62 020, VDE 0663
• For AC and DC systems Type B
• To detect earth faults in grounded voltage systems
• 4 setting ranges from 10 mA to 3 A
• Manual reset, with alarm and pre-warning
• With adjustable switching delay
• Energized or de-energized on trip
• LED indicator for operation, pre-alarm and...

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