Solutions for the packaging industry

Packaging industry

Since the packaging has no added value for the manufacturer of the product, it should cost as little as possible. Nevertheless, it still has to meet a variety of requirements. Its purpose is to portion and protect products, as well as to make them storable and transportable. A sales-promoting effect is sought through attractive and eye-catching packaging. Similarly, the manufacturer's obligation to take back the packaging also has to be considered. These challenges are not merely wide-ranging but also demanding. Some very different machinery and equipment, usually with high speeds and short clock rates, is deployed here. The early detection of errors and faults is of immense importance for an uninterrupted production process. Suitable safety concepts also ensure greater safety for humans and machinery.


Reversing Contactor BH 9253

• According to IEC/EN 60 947-1, IEC/EN 60 947-4-2
• Switching at zero-crossing
• To reverse 3 phase asynchronuos motors up to
5.5 kW / 400 V (7.5 HP / 460 V)
• Electrical interlocking of both directions
• Temperature monitoring to protect the power semiconductors
• Measured nominal current up to 20 A
• LEDs for status...


Residual current monitor, Type B RN 5883

• According to IEC/EN 62 020, VDE 0663
• For AC and DC systems Type B
• To detect earth faults in grounded voltage systems
• 4 setting ranges from 10 mA to 3 A
• Manual reset, with alarm and pre-warning
• With adjustable switching delay
• Energized or de-energized on trip
• LED indicator for operation, pre-alarm and...


Solid-state relay / contactor for resistive load PK 9260

• AC solid-state relay / -contactor
• PK 9260/_ _ _ according to IEC/EN 62314
PK 9260/_ _ _ / _ _ according to IEC/EN 60947-4-2 and -4-3
• Load current up to 88 A, AC-51
• Switching at zero crossing for resistive loads
• 2 anti-parallel thyristors
• DCB technology (direct bonding method) for excellent
heat transmission...


Solid-state relay / contactor PH 9260

• AC semiconductor relay / -contactor
• According to IEC/EN 60947-4-3
• Load current up to 125 A, AC 51 with I2t up to 18000 A2s
• Switching at zero crossing
• As option switching at voltage maximum
• 2 anti-parallel thyristors
• DCB technology (direct bonding method) for excellent
heat transmission properties


Solid-state relay / contactor, 2-poles PH 9260.92

• AC solid-state relay / -contactor
• According to IEC/EN 60947-4-3
• As option load current up to 2 x 32 A or 2 x 48 A
• As option with hight I²t up to 6600 A²s
• Load voltages up to AC 480 V
• 2 anti-parallel thyristors for each pole
• DCB technology (direct bonding method) for excellent
heat transmission...

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