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DOLD - Your partner for control, switching and monitoring.


About Dold


A pioneer in the production of Switchgear, E. Dold & Söhne KG is one of the leading European manufacturers and is certified to ISO 9001. The precision manufacturing of Dold products is in keeping with the best of Black Forest traditions, which is the area its main manufacturing plant is situated. This private owned company has been producing quality relay products for some 80 years and is currently managed by the third generation of the Dold family. Dold currently employs over 400 employees, many of them have been with the company for more than two decades and freely associate themselves with Dold’s quality driven policies.


This creates a depth of knowledge that comprises of something far greater than the often-used buzz word ”Know how”. With its own tool and form production, an experienced plastic moulding department together with up-to-date manufacturing plant, Dold ensures flexibility, efficiency and a direct influence on delivery times, as is required by its customers. This depth of production control and the key optimisation of the electronic and mechanical components ensures that the high quality standards expected of Dold products are maintained.


In addition this level of design and manufacturing control leads easily to the production of custom built relay products to directly meet customer’s individual requirements. Dold’s product quality and reliability has lead it to be a respected supplier of measuring relay and safety products to the nuclear, power generation, water and railway industries.


A worldwide service network ensures that Dold products are readily available and in the UK Dold have their own technical support and distribution company Dold Industries Ltd. Dold Industries staff has been supporting UK customers since 1999 and offer free technical support and a prompt and friendly customer service. Many popular products are held in UK stock and with direct access to the factory stock profile; accurate and prompt delivery times can be maintained.


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Image brochure DOLD