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Compact safety just 17.5 mm wide

The emergency stop module UF 6925 covers a wide range of voltages and allows fast wiring through front-side push-in terminals


Emergency stop module UF 6925 - 17.5 mm


The only 17.5 mm wide emergency stop module UF 6925 of the SAFEMASTER series monitors safety functions such as emergency stop or safety door safely and simply in nearly every application and is characterised by maximum safety for man and machine with minimum space requirement. The UF 6925 enables time-saving wiring by integrated front side push-in cage clamp terminals and also makes rapid assembly possible by simple snapping on to the DIN rail.


Being only 17.5 mm wide, the space required in control cabinets is reduced by more than 20 %, as opposed to standard safety modules. Due to its 2-channel structure the device is designed for highest safety requirements up to cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3 and is also suitable for use in furnace installations according to EN 50156-1 due to the redundant structure. Setting is carried out via switches on the back of the device and allows the selection of type of start and cross fault detection.


The safety module is predestined thanks to its wide voltage range of DC 8 ... 36 V for a great variety of applications in machine and plant engineering and in mobile applications.


Advantages and customer benefit

  • For safety applications up to cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3, UL-listed
  • Wide voltage range of DC 8 ... 36 V
  • Compact construction type only 17.5 mm wide
  • Rapid wiring via integrated push-in connection technology
  • Rapid diagnosis using LED display
  • Suitable for safety functions such as safety door and emergency stop
  • Adjustable type of start with line fault detection on On-button
  • Front side device connection


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