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News 2017.02 - SPS IPC Drives

All product innovations and highlights at a glance!


News 2017.02


Convince yourself in the current news brochure 2017.02 of our new products and innovations in the field of safe automation, electrical safety and smart drive solutions.




Radio controlled safety system UH 6900

Wireless Safety now also available for group mode

The radio controlled safety system UH 6900 of the SAFEMASTER W series for group mode enables the transmission of emergency stop and control functions. With one group controller, up to 255 receivers can be safely switched off via a unidirectional, safety-oriented radio link. Furthermore, the controller can exchange report, control and status information with a receiver. The main application areas include mobile applications, such as completely-automated floor conveyors and automated guided vehicles (AGV).


  • Up to cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3
  • Reliable protection without complex wiring
  • Quick Start, fast set-up procedure
  • Convenient diagnostic options



Smart motorstarter UG 9410

Soft start of motors with Modbus RTU

The smart motorstarter UG 9410 of the MINISTART series combines up to 7 functions in a space-saving compact enclosure of only 22.5 mm. The motorstarter is used for reliable soft start, soft stop, reversing and protection of 3-phase asynchronous motors and enables easy communication via the Modbus RTU interface. Whether retrofitting or original equipment, the device guarantees a low-wear and gentle start-up of your machines and systems and is suitable for demanding drive tasks.


  • Simple set-up, control and parameterization via Modbus RTU
  • Minimal wiring effort due to fieldbus connection
  • Extensive diagnostic options
  • Increasing the lifetime of plants



Smart motorstarter UG 9256/804

Always the right direction of rotation

The 22.5 mm narrow, smart motorstarter UG 9256/804 of the MINISTART series is used for reliable starting of asynchronous motors and ensures that a clockwise rotating field is always applied to the motor and the motor runs correctly straight away. The device automatically corrects the rotating field in case of incorrect connection and thus prevents damage to machines and plants.


  • Automatic correction of the direction of rotation
  • Up to 4 functions in one device
  • Troubleshooting in the wiring is no longer necessary
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Phase reversing plug can be omitted



Safety switch and key transfer system

Guard lock with integrated command and indication functions

The new safety switch with guard lock of the SAFEMASTER STS series offers the possibility of integrating up to three command and indication functions. This means that control signals such as emergency stop or acknowledgement of the safety door can be triggered directly at the entrances of machines and systems. In addition to emergency stop buttons, illuminated buttons, pushbuttons or selector switches are also available. Due to its very slim design, the robust and attractive fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) enclosure can be mounted on safety fences in a spacesaving manner. The optional M23 plug connectors ensure fast set-up and reduce the wiring work to a minimum.


  • Guard lock and command functions in one device
  • Optional auxiliary and emergency release
  • Coded actuators
  • Simple combination with the SAFEMASTER STS system
  • Up to cat. 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1



Solid-state relay PI 9260

Reliable and noiseless switching

The solid-state relay PI 9260 supplements the POWERSWITCH family from DOLD with another attractive electronic switch device. The PI 9260 is characterized by a wear-free and noiseless switching. The 2-phase or 3-phase device is able of switching high loads reliably even under extreme environmental conditions. The long lifetime means that you do do not have to replace the device, which is costly and time-consuming.


  • Fast set-up due to integrated heat sink
  • Large load currents up to 60 A
  • Long lifetime
  • Can also be used under extreme environmental conditions (vibration and shock resistant)

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