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News 2019.01 - Hannover Messe

All product innovations and highlights at a glance!

Convince yourself in the current news brochure 2019.01 of our new products and innovations in the field of safe automation, electrical safety and smart drive solutions.

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Standstill monitor UG 6946
Standstill monitor sensorless and safe

The sensorless safety-related standstill monitor UG 6946 of the SAFEMASTER S family detects the standstill of motors independent of the direction of rotation without using additional external sensors such as encoders or proximity switches and that with a width of only 22.5 mm. The sensorless standstill monitor UG 6946 can show its strengths especially when safeguarding access to hazardous areas that require regular maintenance during the production process. If there is no dangerous movement from the motor any more, the safety door can be released directly and within the shortest time when a standstill is detected.

  • Width 22.5 mm
  • Up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3
  • Adjustable response voltage up to 400 mV or up to 4 V
  • Manipulation protection through sealable transparent cover

Programmable safety system

New modules are added to the configurable safety system SAFEMASTER PRO. In addition to the fieldbus modules for Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU, two output modules with 8 or 16 digital signal outputs are added. The new OSSD output module provides 4 high-current safety outputs with up to 2 A per channel and 8 digital signal outputs. With the advanced SAFEMASTER PRO DESIGNER software, simulations can now be carried out without hardware.

  • Configuration instead of wiring
  • 4 high current safety outputs with up to 2 A per channel (OSSD)
  • Fieldbus connection Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU
  • Simple project planning via Drag & Drop

Softstart and brake device GF 9229
Softstarter with brake function

With the new softstart and brake device GF 9229 of the COMBISTART series, DOLD presents a reliable device for the soft, current-limited start-up and the gentle deceleration of asynchronous motors up to 60 A. It is especially suitable for IE3 motors. Thanks to the combination of softstarter and brake device with integrated standstill detection, the device is pre-destined for use with processing machines with large centrifugal masses - especially for wood processing as well as centrifuges, vibrators, and fans.

  • Integrated standstill detection
  • Functional Safety: PL c or SIL 1
  • Self-optimizing soft start and braking
  • Fast set-up
  • Ergonomic design

Measuring relay UG 9400
Multifunctional measuring relay with Modbus connection

With the multifunctional measuring relay UG 9400 of the VARIMETER PRO series, DOLD combines up to nine measuring functions in an enclosure with only 22.5 mm width. The device is equipped with a Modbus RTU interface. The fieldbus connection saves wiring and offers extensive diagnostic options. Depending on requirements, the UG 9400 monitors the three-phase network simultaneously for over/undervoltage, voltage asymmetry, over/undercurrent, cos phi, active, apparent and reactive power, frequency and phase sequence.

  • Min, max value or window monitoring
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 9 measured variables
  • Large measuring range 3 AC 24 ... 690 V

Door handle actuator for SAFEMASTER STS

Machines and plants which are safeguarded by protective fences must be entered at regular intervals for maintenance work or for troubleshooting. With the door handle actuator, convenient and ergonomic opening of doors and safety guards is possible on these machines and plants. The stable door handle can be used for left and right hinged doors and can be rotated in 90° steps if a horizontal handle position is not possible due to the system.

  • Self-adjusting up to 20 mm for large tolerances
  • Optionally with coded actuator against manipulation
  • Optionally with handle on the inside
  • Escape release with safety switch possible