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News E-Mobility

All product innovations and highlights at a glance!

Convince yourself in the news brochure E-Mobility of our solutions and products in the field of insulation and differential current monitoring - from the charging station to the electric vehicle.

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Insulation monitor RN 5897
Reliable insulation monitoring in DC charging stations

DC charging stations are the right choice if electric vehicles need to be charged in the shortest possible time. The design of the charging circuit as an unearthed DC power supply system (IT system) ensures the necessary electrical safety. An insulation monitor (IMD) monitors the entire charging circuit up to the electric vehicle during the charging process. DOLD offers IMD for voltages up to DC 1000 V in various designs.

  • Higher operational and plant safety
  • Adjustable alarm and early warning thresholds
  • Clear display for current insulation value
  • Simple adjustment via rotary switch

Residual current monitor RN 5883
Electrical safety during AC charging

For battery charging of electric vehicles at public charging stations, standardised protective measures must be observed. Residual current protective devices (RCD) are used for this purpose. With the DOLD residual current monitors (RCM) fault currents are displayed and critical operating states are signalled at an early stage. This means that preventive maintenance and repair measures can be initiated. The differential current measurement is carried out via an external current transformer. The RCM are also available as printed circuit boards for integration into existing assemblies.

  • Early error messages
  • Clearly visible differential current display
  • Broken wire detection and test function
  • Simple adjustment via rotary switch

Emergency stop module UF 6925
Safe system shutdown

In hazardous situations, charging stations must be able to be switched off safely and quickly at all times. The emergency stop module UF 6925 of the SAFEMASTER series is only 17.5 mm wide and offers maximum safety up to PL e, SIL 3. Its wide voltage range from DC 8 to 36 V makes it insensitive to voltage fluctuations such as occur when battery-powered loads are switched on, for example. This makes the safety module also predestined for use in mobile applications.

  • Up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3
  • Super compact
  • Flexible due to wide voltage range
  • Fast front panel connection

Speed and frequency monitor UH 6937
Reliable monitoring of frequencies and speeds without sensors

If you want to monitor frequencies or speeds reliably in mobile applications, the frequency and speed monitor UH 6937 of the SAFEMASTER S series is the right choice. The sensorless frequency monitor switches off safely in the case of overfrequency, underfrequency or violation of the set window area, thus preventing dangerous situations. A wide range of AC voltages can be monitored, where the frequency is an important safety criterion of the application.

  • Up to cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3
  • Sensorless and easy to retrofit
  • Flexible due to preconfigured parameter sets
  • User-friendly, menu-driven device configuration

Wireless safety system UH 6900
Wireless functional safety

The innovative wireless safety system UH 6900 of the SAFEMASTER W series enables the safety-oriented transmission of emergency stop and control functions. Multiple security zones can be connected wirelessly over a longer distance. The TÜV-certified system for safety requirements up to cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3 is characterized by its long range of up to 800 m. Typical applications include extensive installations and mobile applications, such as test vehicles for autonomous driving and driverless transport systems.

  • Up to cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3
  • High availability with large range of coverage
  • Convenient diagnostic options

PCB relays
Safety relay with forcibly guided contacts

The DOLD product portfolio includes PCB relays for a wide range of applications. The high-quality safety relays are among the product highlights. In vertical and horizontal design, they offer up to 8 forcibly guided contacts in different designs, contact materials and, if required, also with partially equipped contact sets. With maximum flexibility, the relays can be adapted to a wide range of requirements.

  • Up to 8 forcibly guided contacts
  • Minimum installation heigt from 10.3 mm
  • Compact design
  • Minimum energy consumption