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The new IN-RAIL-BUS from DOLD


The IN-RAIL-BUS system from DOLD, developed for electronics housings, is a universal and continuous mounting rail bus. As economic alternative for elaborate single wiring, the bus system is especially suitable for data transfer and power supply of different devices and assemblies in a group.

The base of the IN-RAIL-BUS system is a carrier section that can be easily integrated into a top hat rail. It accommodates the BUS PCB, that can be individually designed and allows for a simple and yet reliable connection between the devices. The connection of the individual devices with the BUS is made via a spring contact block. It is mounted directly on the device PCB. Reliable contact is established by clipping the devices onto the top hat rail. High contact reliability is ensured through the twin contact springs, gold-plated contact surfaces and the high contact forces.

The IN-RAIL-BUS system is suitable for electronic housings from a width of 12.5 mm and can be easily integrated.