INFOMASTER reduces standstill times

Extendable fault annunciator system for plants and buildings

DOLD Störmeldesystem INFOMASTER B

The compact new -/first-message annunciator system INFOMASTER B of DOLD allows fast and economic localisation of failures in plants and buildings. A lot of time is saved when faultfinding and the failure reasons are detected.

The special highlight of this system is its bus structure. It allows individual solutions for all applications up to 88 fault inputs. The functions new message, first  message and common alarm can be selected on the front of the unit. For local indication additional text displays and indicator panels can be connected via bus.  Connection facilities for external alarm units and reset buttons are available. A GSM- module allows transferring messages and resetting commands via SMS

Main  applications are found in industrial plants to reduce standstill times or heating and air-conditioning systems in buildings as well as monitoring of large plants with many failure possibilities.