More space, more flexibility

Electronic housing with variable connection method

KS 4400

Dold complements its innovative KS 4400 housing series by a 6.2 mm narrow version. In addition, flexibility was further expanded. The modular housing system now also offers a sealable, transparent front cover. It protects memory cards, socket connectors and adjusting elements reliably against manipulation and accidental wrong settings.

The housing system, available in many colours, offers a wide range of application and design options. Beyond this, it is marked by a unique unmistakable design and maximum functionality. The consistent housing system includes all common standard width from the 6.2 mm narrow compact solution to the 90 mm wide large capacity housing. Custom widths are also possible. The connection methods are extremely variable and can be freely chosen. For example, the signal density or number of pins can be varied conveniently according to the requirement. Up to 30 connections at a unit width of 22.5 mm are possible on three terminal levels.

Apart from fixed as well as plug-in type terminals for screw-type and spring-loaded terminals, this housing series also offers an optional mounting rail bus. The DOLD IN-RAIL-BUS replaces elaborate single wiring connections and provides fast and reliable data and energy transmission. Gold-plated twin contacts of the terminal block ensure permanent contact on the bus thus providing maximum system availability.

The housing system convinces with optimal space conditions and enables automated and cost-efficient device manufacturing.