Multifunctional measuring relay

VARIMETER PRO saves cost, space and wiring

MK 9300N

With the MK 9300N of the VARIMETER PRO series, DOLD combines up to nine monitoring functions in a housing only 22.5 mm wide. This universal measuring and monitoring relay thus offers a functional diversity unparalleled so far at this minimal unit width.

Troublefree and economic operation of machines and systems is guaranteed only by the reliable and continuous monitoring of three-phase systems. Depending on the need, the VARIMETER PRO therefore monitors the three-phase system simultaneously for overvoltage/ undervoltage, voltage asymmetry, overcurrent/undercurrent, cos phi, active power, apparent power and reactive power, frequency and phase sequence. Employment in single-phase systems is also possible.

To facilitate simple fault diagnostics, this all-rounder features a display and a multicoloured LED. The user-friendly device configuration permits optimal adjustment to the application.
For example, the response values for all monitoring functions can be easily set. The space-saving multifunctional measuring relay is optionally equipped with one or two

The device offers a wide scope of applications with the large measuring voltage range from 3 AC 24...400/690 V and the auxiliary voltage ranges from DC 24 V or AC/DC 110...400 V. The MK 9300N is used in pumps, ventilators, crushers, signal systems as well as mobile systems such as refrigeration containers.