Switching up to 88 A while saving space!

Semiconductor relay/ contactor

PK 9260

With the new semiconductor relay PK 9260 of the POWERSWITCH series from DOLD, ohmic loads can be switched economically. With its long service life, due to wear-free switching, it is especially suitable for applications with high switching frequencies. The many different application options include, for example, extruder machines, injection moulding equipment and heaters.

The 1-pole semiconductor relay switches at zero voltage thus possessing superb EMC properties. Load currents up to 88 A can be switched with the slim series.

The applied DCB technology (Direct-Copper-Bonding) ensures an optimal thermal behaviour. The excellent heat transfer properties increase the service life and reliability of the semiconductor relay.

Optionally, the device is also available as semiconductor contactor with specifically adapted heat sink for top hat rail mounting.

The dimensions without heat sink are 22.5 x 85 x 50 mm, with heat sink they are 22.5 x 85 x 131 mm.