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Commands at option

Flexible Option module for safety switch - and trapped key interlock system


Option module

The robust option module extends our safety switch- and trapped key interlock system SAFEMASTER STS. It allows a simple integration of command-, signal-, and emergency stop functions in already existing systems as well as in new safety concepts. Therefore the SAFEMASTER STS system will be a real “Control Center” that is able to control command functions, releases, main- and maintenance accesses.


With only a few single components of our SAFEMASTER STS system it is possible to realize a huge number of different locking units and to combine them with different command functions of our option module.


It can be installed directly underneath a switching- or interlock unit. It can be connected easy and fast via a plug connector. Its slim design allows a space saving mounting on the protection fence.Therefore the option module allows a direct command execution on accesses of machines and plants. This requires a faster operation of the command device and a higher plant availability. The option module can also be used as Stand-Alone module.


The stainless steel model guarantees highest stability and safety also in rough conditions. The flexible option module is available with cover plates in different colours and symbol stickers.