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Control functions on safety door

Guard lock with command and indication functions


Guard lock with command and indication functions

DOLD extends the safety switch and key transfer system SAFEMASTER STS by a further safety switch with guard lock. Up to three command and indication functions can be easily integrated into these. SAFEMASTER STS thus combines the advantages of safety switches, guard locks, key transfer and command functions in a single system. This meets the highest safety requirements up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3.


The integrated command and indication elements enable the simple integration of command, indication and emergency stop functions into both new and existing safety concepts. As a result, the SAFEMASTER STS system becomes a true control centre from which command functions, status displays, releases, main and maintenance entrances can be controlled. This means that control signals, such as emergency stop or acknowledgement of the safety guard, can be triggered directly at the access points of machines and systems.


In addition to emergency stop buttons, illuminated pushbuttons as well as pushbuttons or selector switches are also available. Due to its very slim design, the robust and attractive fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) enclosure can be mounted on safety fences in a space-saving manner. The optional M23 plug connectors ensure fast commissioning and reduce wiring work to a minimum. The safety switch with guard lock is optionally available with auxiliary and emergency unlocking as well as with actuator of the medium coding stage.