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Quick to nominal speed but gentle

Softstarter for starting current limitation and jerk-free starting


Softstarter PF 9015


Three-phase or asynchronous motors are nowadays the first choice for setting drives, systems, pumps, fans and conveyor belts in motion. These motors have been designed to reach the required nominal speed very quickly.


However, this also means that the power requirement (up to eight times nominal current) rises sharply as a result of the rapid start-up. The high acceleration torque also causes a strong mechanical load on e.g. gears, motor shafts, pumps or conveyor belts. This can lead to damage to the components and also place a heavy load on the power grid.


DOLD has developed the three-phase controlled softstarter PF 9015 to disarm this critical moment during start-up. The robust electronic control unit combines many functions. The smooth starting and stopping of three-phase / asynchronous motors, an integrated motor protection according to class 10, a starting current limiter, thyristor monitoring and the detection of missing loads to name only a few. All these functions are combined in one device with a construction width of just 67.5 mm.