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MINISTART: High functionality on smallest space!

Soft starter for the 1.5 to 7.5 kW power range


Soft starter UH 9018

In four power levels, DOLD presents its new soft starter UH 9018 from the MINISTART series. The expanded functionality of the two-phase controlled device with integrated current regulation offers additional advantages for demanding applications.


With the UH 9018, DOLD has developed a cost-effective variant: a replacement for star-delta starters. Its sleek construction and snap-on ability on 35mm standard rails make installation easy, even in existing systems.


Start and stop times can be comfortably and continuously controlled by default via a potentiometer. The start voltage can be individually adjusted. The boost function also allows for drives with a high holding torque in standstill to be started.


The UH 9018 series is best-equipped for monitoring and safety. Undervoltage, phase/ignition errors or excess temperature are immediately recognised and displayed using LEDs and signalling contacts. Diverse functionality, flexible configuration options and a compact design: UH 9018 makes it possible. Soft starting has never been this simple.


Whether it is operating doors and gates, pumps, ventilators, packaging machines, transportation systems or conveyor belts, the UH 9018 can be used in many different applications.