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Precise localisation of faults during operation!

Quick insulation fault location in unearthed mains


Insulation fault location system

The fault-detection process for insulation faults can become a costly and time-consuming process in extensive industry systems. The insulation fault location system of the VARIMETER EDS family from DOLD, consisting of a test current generator RR 5886 and the insulation fault location device RR 5887, monitors and locates insulation faults in a quick and safe manner in complex, insulated AC/DC mains (IT systems).


Insulation fault search devices can notably be used advantageously in complex and widespread power supply systems. Even computer centres, which are operated in unearthed mains (IT system) due to availability and insensitivity to disruption, benefit from the use of an insulation fault location system. With regards to insulation, pre-damaged components can be located very quickly and still be replaced before an outage, perhaps even those associated with data loss. Faulty electrical circuits and consumer outputs are visualised directly on the insulation fault location device RR 5887.


The insulation fault location system allows for automatic and quick pinpointing of faulty electrical circuits, thereby increasing reliability and system availability. You will immediately recoup the purchasing costs for the insulation fault location system thanks to reduced maintenance costs and eliminated service interruptions.


Some application examples include power plants, shipbuilding, traffic engineering, industrial systems, PV systems etc.