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Safety switch and key transfer system

Robust stainless steel mechanism in an attractive fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) design


Sicherheitsschalter- und Schlüsseltransfersystem

SAFEMASTER STS combines the advantages of safety switches, guard locks, key transfer, and command functions in a single system. The highly robust stainless steel construction, trusted for many years, is now available with an even more sophisticated design. It offers a rugged stainless steel mechanism in an attractive fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) housing.


The safety system was specially designed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849 and is TÜV certified. The modular system construction offers maximum flexibility to users, allowing them to reliably secure hazard zones. In addition, the user also benefits from the ease of combining stainless steel and FRP versions. The elegant FRP variation can be used on the control panel, for instance, while a highly robust stainless steel version can make full use of its strengths in more rugged environments.


The system includes both electro-mechanical and purely mechanical modules. Its narrow construction allows for space-saving installation into protective devices. Even the simplest module combinations provide non wiring, purely mechanical safety for protective doors up to PL e / Cat. 4.


SAFEMASTER STS facilitates electronic monitoring of main entrances, for instance. Access points that are only rarely used, such as maintenance doors, can be monitored mechanically by key transfer. Complex wiring to distant doors is unnecessary. This saves wiring and inspection costs, ensuring uninterrupted operations.