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Saves space and costs

Intelligent motorstarter with motor protection function


Intelligenter Motorstarter UG 9256

The intelligent motorstarter UG 9256 from DOLD's MINISTART series controls 3-phase reversing drives up to 4 kW cost-effectively. It combines up to six functions in a space saving compact en-closure with only 22.5 mm width. The motor controller also offers a soft start / soft stop function, as well as the reversal function, a current monitoring and a mo-tor protection function. In addition, the intelligent motorstarter has a galvanic separation by an all pole disconnection when the motor is switched off.


Users therefore save material costs, time when connecting and commissioning the device as well as space and wiring effort in the switch cabinet. Separate motor protec-tion switches are not necessary due to the integrated motor protection function. An internal relay provides galvanic isolation of the power outputs. While the semiconductor control provides a soft motor start, the direc-tion reversal takes place by relay switching. The hybrid relay thus combines the ad-vantages of rugged relay technology with non-wearing semiconductor technology. The user benefits from a significantly longer de-vice service life and improved reliability in this way. Facility availability is increased even further with the additional current mon-itoring as overload or blocking protection.


The simple device setting via Potis is partic-ularly easy to operate. Status LEDs also offer various diagnosis options. An integrat-ed temperature monitoring protects the power semiconductors from overload. The main applications include lifting devices, reversing drives for door and bridge controls, conveyor equipment with blocking monitoring and positioning drives in process engineering.