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The smallest emergency stop module in the SAFEMASTER family

Safety in a compact design


Emergency stop module RK 5942

The bar has been set for miniaturising safety switches with the emergency stop module RK 5942 from DOLD’s SAFEMASTER family. With a mere overall width of 17.5 mm and a device depth below 70 mm, the compact emergency stop module is also suitable for use in installation and industry terminal blocks. The RK 5942 particularly shows its strengths when there is little space in the control cabinet.


The emergency stop module serves to protect persons and machines and can be wired in both single-channel and dual-channel mode. It is suitable for applications up to Performance Level e and pursuant to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 pursuant to EN 61508 and EN 61511. This allows the small emergency stop module to undertake safety-related tasks in the process industry as well.


With the RK 5942.02 design, the device offers both safety-oriented, redundant NO contacts and a semiconductor signal output, whereas the safety contact is designed for thermal currents up to 5 A. Two LEDs signal operational readiness and the state of the output contact, thereby allowing for simple and quick diagnosis.