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Wireless Functional Safety

Safety and control functions via radio


Wireless safety system UH 6900


Whether in bidirectional pair operation or unidirectional group operation – the innovative wireless safety system UH 6900 of the DOLD SAFEMASTER W series ensures the safety-oriented, wireless transmission of emergency stop and control functions. As a result, the safety system provides more flexibility in safeguarding hazardous areas as well as greater efficiency and economy. The wireless safety system comes into its own above all in mobile and extensive installations in which wiring is not possible or would be extremely complex.


The TÜV-certified system for safety requirements up to PL e / Cat. 4 or SIL 3 consists of two or more compact wireless safety modules with a width of 45 mm each. It is distinguished by its safety-related bidirectional radio transmission with a long range of 800 m in open country. As a result a greater availability is achieved than with comparable systems.


The safety modules each have 3 two-channel safety inputs and one safety output with 3 contact paths for implementing safety functions such as emergency stop, safety door, LC or two-hand. Moreover the devices each provide 8 inputs and outputs for user-specific control functions. Two additional status semi-conductor outputs as well as one indicator output for reception quality provide for easy diagnosis.


The manifold areas of application of the wireless safety system UH 6900 include spatially separated industrial machinery, expansive assembly halls, fully automated industrial transporters, driverless transport systems and a lot more.