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Bistable relay for energy-efficient design

With 8 forcibly guided contacts!


Bistable relay OB 5623

Special applications require relays that maintain their switch position during a supply voltage outage, thereby preventing loss of information about the current switch state. This relay is unique thanks to its high resistance to vibration and shock. The new bistable relay OB 5623 by DOLD fulfils these requirements. Furthermore, forcibly guided contacts allow for secure inquiry of the switch position.


Reduced energy consumption in the relay’s design was also a major focus. This is how this energy-saver only requires brief switching pulses of a few milliseconds to put their contacts into a defined switch position. Both magnetic systems make do with 1.2W for the interlock device and 0.7 W for the release device. This also makes the relay ideal for applications with high packing densities in thermally-sensitive environments.


The 15.8 mm flat-design relay is optionally equipped with manual operation. This also serves as a switch position indicator. Both variants are suitable for temperature ranges up to 75 °C and available with various contact materials.Also available in designs with double-contacts.


The forcibly guided contacts predestine the OB 5623 for use in demanding applications.