Solutions for processing raw materials

Processing raw materials

Given a world population that is growing all the time and pursuing prosperity, the demand for raw materials is also rising. This applies equally to industry, construction and energy supply. Inevitably, efficiency and economy are becoming increasingly important in the production, processing, and distribution of precious resources. There is no way of avoiding sophisticated control and monitoring concepts in view of these challenges. Safety aspects must not be neglected by any means. They are intended to reliably protect humans, machinery and the environment.


Smart motorstarter UG 9256

• According to IEC/EN 60 947-4-2
• To reverse 3 phase motors up to 550 W to 4 kW
• 2-phase softstart
• max. 4 potentiometer für setting of starting torque, deceleration torque,
softstart /-stop, overcurrent limit or rated motor current
• 4 LEDs for status indication
• Reversing with relays without current, softstart, softstop with thyristor
• Galvanic separated 24V-inputs for clockwise- and anticlockwise
• Reset button on front
• Connection facility for external reset button
• Relay indicator output for operation
• Indicator output at customers specification (on request)
• Galvanic separation between control circuit and power circuit
• Width: 22,5 mm


Solid-state relay / contactor with load circuit monitoring PH 9270

• AC semiconductor relay /-contactor
• With integrated load circuit monitoring
• Settable load limit value
• According to IEC/EN 60947-4-3
• Load current 40 A, AC 51
• Switching at zero crossing
• 2 anti-parallel thyristors
• DCB technology (direct bonding method) for excellent
heat transmission properties
• Two-colours LED status indicator
• Touch protection IP20
• PLC compatible alarm output (PNP; NPN on request)
• As option closed circuit operation or open circuit operation
• As option with optimized heat sink, for DIN rail mounting
• Width 45 mm


Residual current monitor, Type B RN 5883

• According to IEC/EN 62 020, VDE 0663
• For AC and DC systems Type B, according to IEC/TR 60755
• To detect earth faults in grounded voltage systems
• 4 setting ranges from 10 mA to 3 A
• Manual reset, with alarm and pre-warning
• With adjustable switching delay
• Energized or de-energized on trip
• LED indicator for operation, pre-alarm and alarm
• With test function
• LED-chain indicates fault current
• As option with analogue output
• Broken wire detection
• Width: 52.5 mm

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