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Interface relay IK 3050



• According to DIN EN 61 810-1
• Protective separation according to IEC/EN 61 140, IEC/EN 60 947-1
• 1 changeover contact
• With input wiring protection against voltage surges
• LED indicator
• Width: 17.5 mm

Advantages / Customer benefit

• Suitable for switching low loads > 10 V / > 10 mA
• Compact design for installation systems and industrial distribution systems
according to DIN 43880

Function Interface relay
Output contacts max. 1 w
Suppressor circuit on the coil input +
Thermal current Ith max. 5 A
Enclosure design Installationsverteiler
Width 17,5 mm
Type IK 3050

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Datasheet / Operating Instructions, File: pdf, File size 121 KB

The interface relay IK 3051 is designed to switch low loads and is used to separate control and load circuits. A input is protected against voltage peaks. To indicate the control status, the unit has an LED indicator. The compact enclosure allows space saving installation in consumer units or industrial cabinets.



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