Multifunctional motor control units

Multifunctional motor control units

MINISTART - Intelligent motor starter with motor protection function

The multifunctional motor control devices from DOLD in the MINISTART family offer a combination of functions for motor control such as revering or soft start with monitoring functions such as the effective power or current monitoring. The ready-to-use devices with optimised parameters such as heat sink size, EMC, heat dissipation, et cetera are easy to use. Benefits such as low material costs, fast device connection and reduced space and wiring needs are on the plus side of these intelligent devices. In addition, they often prevent the need for a frequency converter.

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Intelligent motorstarter UG 9256

• According to IEC/EN 60 947-4-2
• To reverse 3 phase motors up to 550 W to 4 kW
• 2-phase softstart
• 4 potentiometer für setting of starting torque, deceleration torque ,
softstart /-stop, overcurrent limit or rated motor current
• 4 LEDs for status indication
• Reversing with relays without current, softstart, softstop with thyristor
• Galvanic separated 24V-inputs for clockwise- and anticlockwise
• Reset button on front
• Connection facility for external reset button
• Relay indicator output for operation
• Indicator output at customers specification (on request)
• Galvanic separation between control circuit and power circuit
• Galvanic separation between motor terminals and supply voltage
in the off or fault state
• Width: 22,5 mm

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With the multifunctional motor control devices, you can combine motor control functions such as reversing or soft start with monitoring functions.

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