Solutions for mobile power supplies

Mobile power supplies

In mobile power generator applications, such as in emergency vehicles or on construction sites, damage to persons and property by electrical energy must be reliably prevented. Nevertheless, the mobile generators must permit immediate operation, without any time-consuming setting up of protection measures. This raises the question of finding the correct and standard-compliant solution. This also needs to be safe and easy to handle.


Emergency stop module UF 6925

• According to
-- Performance Level (PL) e and category 4 to EN ISO 13849-1
-- SIL Claimed Level (SIL CL) 3 to IEC/EN 62061
-- Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 to IEC/EN 61508 and IEC/EN 61511
• According to EN 50156-1 for furnaces
• 2-channel operation
• Forcibly guided output contacts
• With or without cross fault monitoring in...


Insulation monitor RN 5897/300

• Insulation monitoring according to IEC/EN 61557-8
• 2 separate adjustable response thresholds
(using e.g. for pre-Alarm and Alarm)
• Setting range of 1st response value (Pre-Alarm): 20 kΩ … 1 MΩ:
• Setting range of 2nd response value (Alarm): 10 kΩ … 250 kΩ
• 2 changeover contacts für...


Insulation monitor LK 5894

• Insulation monitoring according to IEC/EN 61557-8
• Detection of symmetric and asymmetric insulation faults
• 2 changeover contacts
• Prewarning threshold setting range: 20 kΩ ... 2 MΩ
• Alarm threshold setting range: 1 kΩ ... 250 kΩ
• Energized or de-energized on trip can be selected for output...

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