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KO 4737

Switch cabinet enclosure

KO 4737

  • KO4737

Technical specifications

Width: 90 mm
Height: 84 mm
Depth: 118 mm
Number of terminals max.: 40
Description: Isolierstoffgehäuse mit 4 Starkstromklemmenblöcken für Lötanschluß und 4 doppelstöckigen Klemmenblöckenfür Stecktechnik
Enclosure type: KO 4737


  • Width 90 mm
  • High current terminal block for soldering
    - Max. 12 box terminals with captive plus-minus terminal screw
    - Electrical connection of PCB to terminal via stranded ferruled
  • twin-level terminal block for plug-in technology
    - Max. 28 box terminals with captive plus-minus terminal screw
    - Twin-level terminal
    - Removable terminal blocks for connection with PCB
    - Terminal blocks with choice of 3-; 4- or 7-terminals or as blanking block
  • Installation of SMD components on outer surface (soldering side) possible
  • Can be used for EExi complying with EN 50 020