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UG 9019

Softstarter with softstop

UG 9019


Nominal voltage

Ramp time

Nominal current

Approvals and Markings


  • 0067032
  • UG9019.11/110/61 3AC200-480V 1-10S
The softstart-softstop unit provides smooth starting and stopping of 3-phase asynchronous... more

Product description

The softstart-softstop unit provides smooth starting and stopping of 3-phase asynchronous motors. 2 phases are controlled by power semiconductors in a way that the current can rise continuously. This provides also a continuous rising motor torque. This eliminates mechanical shock while starting. After successful starting the power semiconductors are bridged with internal relay contacts. This reduces internal power dissipation. The softstop function prolongs the stop time of the motor in order to avoid a sudden stop.

Technical specifications

Widths: 22,5 mm
Load voltage up to: 3AC 480 V
For three-phase motors, 400 V up to: 4 kW
Auxiliary voltage required: Yes
Signalling output: Yes
Extra functions: Temperature monitoring, Mains monitoring
Approvals: UL
Type: UG 9019


  • Simple and time-saving commissioning as well as user-friendly operation through setting via potentiometers
  • Hybrid relay combines benefits of relay technology with non-wearing semiconductor technologye
  • High availablility by
    - Temperature monitoring of semiconductors
    - High withstand voltage up to 1500 V


  • According to IEC/EN 60947-4-2
  • 2-phase softstart and softstop of 3-phase motors up to 4 KW
  • 4 potentiometer für setting of starting torque, deceleration torque, softstart /-stop
  • 3 LEDs for status indication
  • Reset button on front
  • Connection facility for external reset button
  • Relay indicator output for operation
  • Galvanic separation between control circuit and power circuit
  • Width 22,5 mm