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Softstarter / brake combination - IE3 ready

The softstart and brake device GF 9229 allows the smooth operation of motors and enables easy integration into existing machines via CANopen

With the new softstarter / brake combination GF 9229 of the COMBISTART series, DOLD presents a reliable two-in-one device for the smooth and energy-saving start-up and the smooth deceleration of asynchronous motors. It is especially suitable for IE3 motors. Thanks to the combination of softstarter and brake device as well as the compact size for the performance class, the device is pre-destined for use in processing machines with large centrifugal masses – especially for wood processing as well as centrifuges, vibrators, and fans. Whether used for retrofitting or original equipment, the device can be added to a switch cabinet to save space.

The 2-phase controlled GF 9229 softstarter and brake device with smart controls facilitates fast, efficient set-up procedures through self-optimised softstart and braking processes. An ergonomic design with pluggable connection technology and cage clamp terminals allows the device to be installed in a flash. A clear, user-friendly, and easy to understand menu structure with LCD display allows operators to change a wide variety of device parameter settings.

Comprehensive protective functions ensure controlled and gentle operation of the device and motor. The serial CAN interface with CANopen protocol supports easy device integration into higher-level controllers. The field bus connection allows users to parameterise and control the device, and facilitates comprehensive diagnostic functions.

Advantages and customer benefits

  • Suitable for asynchronous motors up to 60 A
  • CANopen on board
  • Suitable for IE1, IE2, and IE3 motors
  • Self-optimising softstart and brake function
  • Integrated detection of standstill
  • Motor and device protection function
  • Integrated brake contactor